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Assisted Dying Legislation Update 2017

Assisted Dying Legislation Update (2017)

Following the Parliamentary Committee’s Inquiry into end of life choices, the Government appointed a Ministerial Advisory Panel to develop voluntary assisted dying legislation for introduction into Parliament in 2017.

The interim report of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Ministerial Advisory Panel has just been released and is now available and can be downloaded. This interim report sets out the key issues, concerns and potential solutions provided to the Panel by people who participated in the consultation process earlier in the year. This included palliative care, health and community organisation representatives. The Panel received 176 written submissions in response to the publication of  the Panel’s discussion paper on 30 January 2017.  The discussion paper was developed to seek feedback on creating a safe and practical voluntary assisted dying framework.

COTA Victoria’s submission to the Ministerial Advisory Panel’s discussion paper on developing a Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill can be found here

Who is involved?

A Ministerial Advisory Panel made up of clinical, legal, consumer, health administrator and palliative care experts is assisting in the drafting of a safe and compassionate legislative framework for assisted dying in Victoria.

COTA’s role

COTA will continue to provide accurate and up to date information for older people and all our members. We understand the importance of protection, safety and autonomy in decision making. We respect the diversity of opinion that older people have on voluntary assisted dying. Our role is to support older people to be accurately informed and respected in their decision making.  This underpins all our work.

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