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NEVER TOO LATE: Older People and Leadership 

A working paper by and for participants in the Leadership Participatory Action Research Group. Never Too Late provides many inspiring stories and group wisdom from a group of older people who are locally active.  Here, older people’s experiences challenge usual ideas of retirement.  For most, this is not a time of stepping back to make way for younger people.  Often, this is a beginning, a time to step up and into new and exciting areas, and keep learning about what is possible for older people to exercise a range of leadership activities.  Download your copy to share with others.

Demand real change & real action. Now. 

Older Victorians have lived through many periods of cultural and political change. If we can change so can Victoria.

Its time for an age friendly community.

Rising energy, water and housing costs. Social and institutional discrimination. After a lifetime’s contribution, too many older Victorians are doing it tough. These are our friends, relatives and fellow community members.

COTA has three priorities for government action to achieve an age-friendly Victoria. We need your help in getting these priorities on the government agenda. 

Our current campaigns and specific actions are:

  • Victorian Parliamentery Inquiry into the Opportunities for Senior Victorians – Ask your local state MP what they will do.
  • Aged Care reform – Participate in 2012 campaign workshops and action
  • Green Sages – register as a green sage and participate in these events.
  • Fair go for Pensioners – attend rallies, encourage your community seniors’ organsiations to sign on to the Statement of Claims.
  • Living Longer Living Stronger – Tell your local State MP or Premiere how much you benefit from the strength training.

What can you do?

  • Write to your Member of Parliament, the Premier and key Ministers.
  • Visit your local Member of Parliament – ask them what they will do to make a difference for you and other seniors, and what actions they will take on the key issues
  • Encourage others to campaign. Build local community networks
  • Ring your local paper and talk back radio. Send emails to the daily papers to be printed in their ‘letters to the editor’ pages
  • Tell us your skills and we’ll put them to use. We need help with online and local campaigning, writing, design and photography.
  • Get your friends and family members involved and signed up to help create an age-friendly Victoria.

If you want to hear about our activities, sign up for the Agent of Change news by filling in your details below, or give us a call on (03) 9655 2125.

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  1. Pamela Howle says:

    What is COTA doing for self funded retirees?