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Who are COTA Green Sages?

COTA Green Sages are senior Victorians (aged 50+) who are or would like to become involved in group actions to increase the environmental sustainability of our community and to decrease the impact of climate change.

COTA’s Green Sages Program reflects the broader COTA commitment to providing leadership on seniors’ issues and to encouraging seniors to take action for change in the community.

COTA believes that senior Victorians have an important role in:

  •  responding to environmental challenges including climate change and their impact both on themselves and future generations;
  • supporting and taking action to reduce these impacts; and
  • talking about  these issues to their families, friends and in their communities.

Find out more:
For more information contact COTA on 9654 4139 or email
Download the Green Sages flyer here: Green Sages information flyer.

Take Action with COTA 

The COTA Green Sages Program has a vision for a community in which seniors help lead change for a sustainable future and participate in initiatives which address the impacts of climate change.

 The COTA Green Sages mission is to:

  • facilitate opportunities for seniors to collaborate in taking action on environmental sustainability issues;
  • develop education and training programs on environmental sustainability and climate change, enabling seniors to become better informed and take leadership on these issues;
  • provide intergenerational opportunities for seniors to be both mentors and students with other generations on climate change and related issues;
  • contribute to policy, research, and advocacy on the impact of environmental issues on seniors.

Current Activities

Monthly Green Sages Meeting: First Wednesday of every month, from 12.00pm at COTA Victoria, Block Arcade, 4th Floor, 98 Elizabeth St, Melbourne.


Be involved in a sustainable and intergenerational arts event with Melbourne City Council’s Arts House. If you enjoy writing, performing and working on creative projects be part of a poetic writing project and record your writing about all things weather related and have it played as part of a sustainable arts festival in November 2014. Please email Donna on or call 9655 2139 for more information on this exciting project. You can join anytime.


Previous Green Sages activities:

COTA Green Sages secured funding in 2011 from the City of Melbourne to conduct an innovative program called The Good Life Club@Carlton.

Read the report “The Good Life” (The Opportunities for Carlton (OFC) Fund 2011-2012).

The Good Life Club Project aimed to address a
number of interconnected social and environmental
sustainability issues recognised as significant in the
Carlton community. Centrally, it provided practical
responses to environmental sustainability by engaging
older people, increasing their awareness and enabling
them to participate actively in developing solutions of
personal, community and global benefit. (May 2013 final Report excerpt)

This report documents the work undertaken with older members of the Carlton community through the Carlton Library and the Church of all Nations Community Centre.

December 2012 Newsletter

 Leaving an Environmental Legacy

Recent climate Change research reading:

Foundation Paper: Victoria:the science, our people and our state of play 

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