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Who are COTA Green Sages?

COTA Green Sages are Older Victorians who are or would like to become involved in group actions to increase the environmental sustainability of our community and to decrease the impact of climate change.

COTA’s Green Sages Program reflects the broader COTA commitment to providing leadership on seniors’ issues and to encouraging seniors to take action for change in the community.

COTA believes that senior Victorians have an important role in:

  •  responding to environmental challenges including climate change and their impact both on themselves and future generations;
  • supporting and taking action to reduce these impacts; and
  • talking about  these issues to their families, friends and in their communities.

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For more information contact COTA on 9655 2139 or email
Download the Green Sages flyer.

Take Action with COTA 

The COTA Green Sages Program has a vision for a community in which seniors help lead change for a sustainable future and participate in initiatives which address the impacts of climate change.

 The COTA Green Sages mission is to:

  • facilitate opportunities for seniors to collaborate in taking action on environmental sustainability issues;
  • develop education and training programs on environmental sustainability and climate change, enabling seniors to become better informed and take leadership on these issues;
  • provide intergenerational opportunities for seniors to be both mentors and students with other generations on climate change and related issues;
  • contribute to policy, research, and advocacy on the impact of environmental issues on seniors.

Current Activities (2015)

Marjorie Barrett


Marjorie Barrett (above) from COTA Green Sages with her chook, Blackberry at the Going Nowhere Festival.

This week the Going Nowhere Festival won the prestigious Green Room Award for contemporary performance.

The Festival held last November is an initiative of the City of Melbourne Arts House in collaboration with COTA Green Sages.  It looked at the impact of climate change in an interesting way.

Monthly Green Sages Meeting:

Events will be announced here as they arise.

Action on Climate Change

  • Green Sages will be talking on climate change @ Recycled Teenages Senior Club, Mill Park Commuity Centre, Tuesday from 1.30pm – 3.00pm June /July (date TBC)

What does art have to do with climate change? Come & find out…ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2015 is a festival of climate change related arts and ideas featuring curated exhibitions alongside a series of keynote lectures and public forums featuring local and international guests

Previous Green Sages activities:


Green Sages were involved in a sustainable and intergenerational arts event with Melbourne City Council’s Arts House. Tony Birch ran a series of writing workshops where Green Sages developed a creative and personal story or poem on climate change which was recorded by ABC. The recorded pieces were also used as part of an installation at North Melbourne Town Hall as part of their Going Nowhere Festival.

COTA Green Sages secured funding in 2011 from the City of Melbourne to conduct an innovative program called The Good Life Club@Carlton.

 Leaving an Environmental Legacy

Recent climate Change research reading:

Foundation Paper: Victoria:the science, our people and our state of play 

4 Responses to Green Sages

  1. Daniel says:

    Dear Green Sages and COTA,
    We would be most grateful if you could promote the below Climate event far and wide.
    Playback theatre is a brilliant way to share and interpret stories and experiences – in this case on Climate Change.
    Melbourne Playback is running the very exciting and varied event below. A diverse expert panel combined with a Playback Theatre performance.
    Professor David Karoly, Dr Stephen Bygrave of Beyond Zero Emissions, Kiribati author Marita Davies and Isabella Morand from
    Help us fill seats in the Union House theatre by forwarding this, putting it on facebook, or telling a friend.
    This should be a great way to find common ground across many different groups and perspectives.
    Please pardon any cross postings.
    Many thanks!
    Danny Diesendorf

    Facilitator and Actor
    Melbourne Playback Theatre Company

  2. bmorton says:

    Hi Daniel

    Apologies for the late reply I will promote on COTA’s Facebook Page

  3. Augusta says:

    No Curso Trabalhar Pela Internet Agora você não aprende apenas trabalhar com
    importação ou apenas como afiliado!

  4. Muito obrigada Augusta por seus comentário.

    COTA Team

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