Working for Change

COTA works towards positive change by advocating to governments, political parties, public services, the media, other sectors of the community and the public in general.

COTA has a long history of ensuring older people’s voices are heard in the development of public policy. We think it is important to consult with the community so that our research and policies focus on the issues of greatest concern to older Victorians. To find out more about our advocacy work, click on any of the links shown below.

Current issues and campaigns for seniors

COTA is currently working on many issues of interest to older Victorians. We do this by talking to government and other organisations to ensure that the views and interests of older people are included in discussions about policies, services and programs.

We also take more direct action through our campaigns.  Join with us and other senior Victorians to bring about change for older people now and into the future. Sign up as a COTA Agent of Change to be kept informed about COTA’s activities and campaigns.

The Voice of Older People

COTA values older people for their skills, wisdom and experience. It seeks recognition for these values in community attitudes towards ageing. An important part of our work is to meet with groups of older people. Through these discussions we learn first hand what is of most concern. We then pass these messages on to politicians and other influential leaders. 

We have produced a series of papers based on these discussions called The Voice of Older People

Policy positions

Our policy work starts with ideas and concerns from the community. We also look at issues being taken up by the government and what research shows. The positions we take on issues are decided by Policy Councils at State and National levels. COTA Victoria’s Policy Council is made up of COTA Board members, our Executive Director and other interested seniors. It governs our policy directions and activities based on five key policy principles.


Writing submissions is an important way for COTA to influence government services and policies and to respond to government consultations.

Media Releases

Alerting the media to important issues keeps the public informed and gives publicity when and where it is needed

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