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We are still campaigning for fair and affordable Retirement housing. See how we score each major party on their election promises.

Consumer Action Law Centre, Retirement Villages Victoria, Housing for the Aged Action Group and COTA are still waiting on Labor to announce its plan to provide free, fair and binding dispute resolution in the Retirement housing sector. 

COTA Commends Victorian Opposition’s support for Retirement Housing Ombudsman

How to make a complaint in retirement housing

Affordable and Secure Retirement Housing for older Victorians – COTA Victoria’s 2018 Election Platform.

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Parliamentary Forum on Retirement Housing Success


Call for minimum housing standards


Make Renting Fair for older Victorians


Make Rent Fair update


Affordable, appropriate and secure housing for older renters

Better laws for retirement housing


Parliamentary Forum on Retirement Housing Success


New retirement village fees calculator enhances consumer information and decision-­‐making

Retirement Housing Residents want reform action now


Retirement villages under federal scrutiny


Calls for action at federal and state level on retirement housing

Retirement village residents often left in the dark over complex contracts

Retirement Village Residents Have a Voice – Finally


Residents call for action


Retirement Housing Campaign Success

Inquiry into Retirement Housing Report announced

Nursing Home Residents Deserve Better Access to Mental Health Care


End of Financial Year … it’s scam time!

Online scammers target older Victorians

If in doubt, don’t

Can you spot a scam on social media?


Retirement Villages Campaign


Parliamentary Inquiry into Retirement Villages

Gender equality and Ageing

Previous campaigns

In 2013 COTA welcomed the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Opportunities for Participation of Victorian Seniors. This landmark report, made 40 recommendations including the appointment of a Commissioner for Senior Victorians. Campaigned for the adoption of key recommendations.

See COTA’s submission to the Inquiry.

5 Responses to Issues and Campaigns

  1. Mrs. Audrey Mutton says:

    I wish to support your call for improved housing for senior citizens – I believe the government should be providing affordable cost retirement villages – these villages provide community and all the needs for the elderly – lonelieness in the suburbs creates endless health and mental problems and ever increasing costs for services

    – the spinoff of this idea would be more housing for families – imagine how many 3 and 4 bedroom houses are occupied by one or two elderly citizens.

    I recognize that there is a vibrant Retirement Village industry but by and large quality residences are very expensive – the lifestyle is excellent mainly due to the community values built up by the residents. The owners of these villages are sheep in wolves clothing –

    * they are dealing with senior citizens who are often unwell – the sheer
    idea of moving house is unsettling
    * the contracts they are asked to sign are a legal minefield
    * the sales staff often apply pressure to make decisions
    * the houses they are building do not take into account the present or future
    needs of the elderly – e.g. steps at all door entrance and exits, low
    toilets, high cupboards and low cupboards where you can’t bend
    down to gain access. Passages, entrance and exit doors only just
    wide enough for walkers, wheelchairs or persons on crutches – I
    believe there needs to be a special building code for villages – I
    would refer you to “The Age” Saturday January 22, 2011 – Insight 22
    Paying a High Price to retire –
    Add to all this there is no real care in many Retirement Villages – we
    are continually being reminded that we are in an independent living
    retirement village – if you are taken ill the Manager will call the
    Ambulance – the whole responsibility is thrown onto the Ambulance
    and then the Emergency Departments of Hospitals – therefore
    clogging up these services and adding huge costs to our Health
    system – there must be a better way to provide answers for
    sometimes simple problems.
    I will be interested to have your comments on my observations,
    thankyou for the opportunity to express my views. Yours sincerely,
    Audrey Mutton


    wide enough for walkers or wheelchairs

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comments and support for our call for better housing for older people.
    We are particularly disappointed that the the previous Government’s proposed universal housing regulations did not get through before the election.
    This measure would have addressed the issues you raise, and many more.

  3. Tony Coyne says:

    Would Cota put on the Agenda the Governments intention to further fiddle with the Rules for Superannuation, which will dramatically affect the income and ability of all those retired to Access lump sums, and Tax Pensions. The whole idea of super was for those who prudently provided for their retirement, giving up many things in their working life to ensure this position, is going to be threatened. The danger is the Government will again use an arbitrary calculation to separate the so called rich from the rest – picking a cut off point to catch the majority, satisfying the majority that this position is for the National Interest and those above this amount are wealthy and can afford to pay more. It is COTA’S responsibility to inform all its members of the push by Government, Unions and Economists to attack a fundamental right of retired Australians to leave our superannuation alone at all levels.

  4. policy says:

    Hi Tony
    I will pass on your comments to our Fair Go For Pensioners campaign group. THanks for your comment.

  5. policy says:

    Hi Tony
    Superannuation is a key issue on our national agenda. The COTA National officers are involved in discussions with the Government and the Opposition through a number of forums. We know that tax concessions for superannuation are being looked at by both the Government and the Coalition. The discussion seems to be around concessions for the very high earners.
    In our Federal Budget submission we asked for reinstatement of the $50,000 cap on concessional contributions for the over 50s and changes to regulation to allow greater competition for post retirement products.

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