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Looking for Housing? Look here for information on Retirement Villages, Independent Living Units, Abbeyfield Houses and Community Houses.


Independent Living Units

An independent living unit is usually a small bed sit or apartment for an older person who can live independently.  Most are run by not-for-profit organisations and have varying criteria for eligibility. Want to know more? Download the Independent Living Units information sheet here

You can search for a list of Independent Living Units on Seniors Information COTA Victoria’s online directory here

Retirement Villages

Retirement villages

Resident-funded retirement villages are one type of accommodation option for retired people (from full-time employment) aged over 55, who wish to acquire the right to occupy a self-care unit or serviced apartment.Want to know more? Download the Retirement Village information sheet here

Looking at Retirement Villages? Download COTA’s handy check-list of things to consider

Retirement Villages Checklist

You can search for a list of Retirement Villages on Seniors Information COTA Victoria’s online directory here

Abbeyfield Houses

Abbeyfield Houses

Abbeyfield Houses provide an affordable, secure housing option for older people who wish to maintain their independence. They offer non-institutional family-style housing close to amenities in the local community.  Want to know more? Download the Abbeyfield Houses information sheet here

Community Housing

Community Housing


Community Housing is rental accommodation for people on low incomes or with special needs. It is usually funded by the government and managed by Housing Providers. Housing Providers are usually not-for-profit organisations and, in some cases, local governments.

Want to know more? Download the Community Housing information sheet here

Here the latest information about the implementation of the Victorian Housing Register.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for?  Call 1300 13 50 90 to speak to an information officer for more information

5 Responses to Housing Options

  1. Sara Guardado says:

    Dear COTA Victoria,

    My father is 74 years of age and due to personal circumstances he is now needing a place to stay. He is a pensioner, independent and self caring. He just needs a home. I am unsure of where to turn to for help and would greatly appreciate any information and support in helping my dad. Can you help?

    Kind regards,
    Sara Guardado

  2. bmorton says:

    Hi Sara

    Have responded via email.


  3. Shannon Davies says:


    My father is a 66 year old retired pensioner and we are looking for an affordable unit for him to live independently.

    Please feel free to contact me.

  4. Hi Shannon,
    Thank you for your comment. A member of our team will respond to your request.
    Have a nice day!

    COTA Team

  5. Hi Shannon,

    thank you for your comment here more information about housing

    Have a nice day!
    COTA Team

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