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Men’s Discussion Groups provide a safe place where men meet and listen to other men and share their knowledge and experiences. Men’s Discussion Group

See a typical OM:NI Men’s Discussion Group live in action OM:NI Starter Kit

Find out the simple steps you need to do to start an OM:NI Men’s Discussion Group

Groups and locations (OM:NI Group List November 2016) Find out the location and contact person of your nearest group

Alan & Ken on Vision Australia Radio

 Group Guidelines Read about the expectations of people participating in the group on respect, trust, confidentiality and acceptance of each other. Meeting Format Here is what you can expect to happen at a typical men’s discussion group. Listening Learn more about the importance of listening to each other in groups from Ralph Roughton. Facilitating useful information for facilitators on the role, skills, a code of ethics, sharing the role, looking after yourself, understanding groups and running into problems.

The Complete Information & Resource Manual Download the complete Information and Resource Manual. Download the brochure to get a snapshot of OM:NI and share with others. Articles of Interest: from time to time, we post news items that men suggest

History of OM:NI in NSW 1999-2011 Find out how OM:NI got started in New South Wales.

History of OM:NI in Victoria 2004-2011 Find out how OM:NI got started in Victoria.

Photo Gallery Happy Snaps of some Men’s Discussion Groups


For more information about Men’s Discussion Groups, please contact COTA Victoria: Telephone: 1300 13 50 90 askcota@cotavic.org.au If you want to be contacted about joining an OM:NI group or want to start up a new group, please leave your contact details in the ‘Leave a Reply’ space below.

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15 Responses to Men’s Discussion Groups – OM:NI

  1. Lance Rickard says:

    In the latest news letter I read about a Mick Dee Prose joining OMNI, if that is the Mick Dee Prose that was in the “fire sprinkler industry”, can you pass my email address onto him please.
    Lance Rickard

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Lance,
    We’ve passed your details along.

    Sarah at COTA

  3. IAN GARDNER says:

    I am a retired Civil Engineer living in BOX HILL SOUTH 3128.
    I have read ” Guidelines for OM : NI Groups ” with a view to joining
    a local group
    A contact number and any additional personal information which may be required would be appreciated
    Yours Sincerely
    Ian Gardner

  4. IAN GARDNER says:


  5. Lewis Kaplan says:

    Just an historical note that OM:NI was an initiative of COTA NSW, with the original idea brought to me by volunteers Jack Zinn and Walter Black in 1995 when I was Executive Director. They also came up with the name. I was pleased to be able to develop of the initiative with the support of the COTA NSW Board.

    It’s great to see how many groups are now operating in Victoria!

  6. Mick O'Brien says:

    I’m interested in joining a group in the Essendon area (Melbourne)

  7. dan fitzgerald says:

    Any Omni groups in the Essendon area?

  8. bmorton says:

    Hi Dan

    The closest OMNI would be Thornbury in the OMNI list.



  9. Dominic says:

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  10. Gary Haley says:

    Please suggest to Ian Gardner BOX HILL Sth. the OM;NI group at the Box Hill R.S.L. OPPOSITE THE BOX HILL HOSPITAL, MEETS at 2-00 PM, the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month, in the library room, we are a small group and social membership of the Box Hill R.S.L. OF $2-00 ALLOWS TO FREE PARKING ON SITE parking in Box Hill is a very pricey and hard to find, AND FINES ARE A DEAD WEIGHT FOR SENIORS, DON’T EAT FOR THE WEEK, Note although I have the OM:NI interest, the attendance at the Box Hill Hospital always happens on a Thursday, I wish to live, to see the pensioners get a, what was once referred to as the AUSTRALIAN, FAIR GO,
    ( FAT CHANCE ) we can’t change our time and day, as others are also looking for rooms to meet at the Box Hill R.S.L. The R.S.L. do go out of there way to help ALL COMMUNITY GROUPS.

  11. Paul Williams says:

    I am a retired IT Professional living in Templestowe Lower and have just met an OM:NI member of the Eltham Group. I would be very interested in attending a club/group meeting. Please advise details of nearest Club, Eltham is not too far for me.

  12. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for getting in contact. One of our team members will be in contact with you soon.

    Kind regards,

    COTA Team

  13. Hi,
    Thank you for your comment!

    COTA Team

  14. Jeferson says:

    Great article! Help me a lot. Thank you!

  15. Hi Jeferson,
    thank you for your comment.
    Have a nice day!
    COTA Team

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