Regular participation in physical activity provides physical, mental and social benefits that translate to improved health, mobility, independence and wellbeing, so enabling you to participate in the full spectrum of ‘active’ ageing.


We now know that much of the loss of strength and function once thought to be a ‘normal’ part of ageing is actually the result of not being sufficiently physically active.

The good news is that it’s never too late to start.

COTA is committed to creating opportunities that encourage and enable people to be active as they age. Some of the key physical activity initiatives our Active Ageing Unit coordinates are:

In conjunction with the Department of Health, COTA and the YMCA Victoria are delivering the Active Ageing Network.  The Network aims to increase the number and range of sustainable physical activity programs for older Victorians (aged 50 years and over), particularly from disadvantaged groups and areas of disadvantage.

Being well informed and proactive about your physical and mental wellbeing also contributes to healthy ageing. This might mean learning more about important health issues such as depression or appropriate use of medicines, or participating in local groups or clubs.

Other Active Ageing initiatives:

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