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The Response of Taxi Users

VCOSS and DARU held a forum in July to hear the responses and feedback from taxi users to the draft report of the Victorian Taxi Industry Inquiry.  A report from the forum has been released.

The structure of the forum specifically asked questions about three key issues the Inquiry had identified as important for the feedback process:

  • consumers’ responses to the recommendation of a central booking service for wheelchair accessible taxis (WATs);
  • recommendations that would change the variety of vehicle designs available to consumers; and,
  • the impacts of the proposed fare restructure.

In addition to these issues, participants provided feedback on a further three general themes:

  • the role, training and behaviour of taxi drivers;
  • the impacts of accountability, regulation and representation on customer service; and,
  • the role of taxis in rural and regional Victoria.

The report records the responses of participants on each of these issues.

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