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Connecting rural communities: Overcoming health barriers

COTA is acutely aware of the health barriers faced by older people living in rural areas – it is a key area in which we advocate. As part of our Statewide Seniors Conference on 28th April 2014, we are having a session specifically looking at ‘Connecting rural communities: Overcoming health barriers’.

Panellists include:

  • the Acting Health Services Commissioner, Dr Grant Davies,
  • the Health Issues Centre on peer support networks,
  • the Vic e-Health network on technological innovation in this area, and
  • the Chair of the Victorian Community Transport Association, Becky Morton.

We hope a large contingent of rural residents come along to this session, to put the tough questions to these key stakeholders.

You can register for the conference online at or by phoning COTA on 9654 4443.

Book now! Online Registration Page for COTA Statewide Conference 2014.

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