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COTA Media Release – Response to 2015 – 2016 Victoria State Budget


COTA (Council on the Ageing) the main advocacy group for older Victorians congratulated the Government on a budget that will improve health services particularly hospitals but called on the Government to listen more to older people so that future budgets dealt with their needs.

For the past six months COTA has gathered and recorded the issues that concern older Victorians.  Health care including hospitals top their list of concerns. There are other important issues.

Sue Hendy, CEO of COTA Victoria said: “Sadly this budget was a lost opportunity to address the cost of living pressures facing older Victorians.  This budget will not make it any easier for disadvantaged pensioners feeling the bite of rising electricity, gas and water prices.

“It is most disappointing that the Budget failed to address the housing needs of disadvantaged older people.  For those in the private rental market, times are very tough.  More pensioners are being forced into boarding houses and caravan parks and an increasing number into homelessness.

“Housing affordability is a major problem for the whole community as governments have neglected social and public housing for some years now.

“We look forward to working with the Government in putting policies in place to improve the quality of life, well-being and support of older Victorians,” Sue Hendy said.

ENQUIRIES: Sue Hendy: 0413 802054 or Brendan O’Dwyer: 0415 764 353.


Download a copy of the media release here

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2 Responses to COTA Media Release – Response to 2015 – 2016 Victoria State Budget

  1. Fred Hulme says:

    I have just received a letter from my electricity supplier (Energy Australia) telling me “that my pensioner electricity rebate will now be calculated on the cost after my solar rebate has been subtracted, and not before as was the case, if this is indeed the case, it is hardly helping pensioners survive on a below the poverty line income.

    Yours Scott Hulme

  2. bmorton says:


    Thanks for the feedback I will forward the information to our policy officer.