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Support Parliamentary Inquiry Into Retirement Villages

Support Parliamentary Inquiry Into Retirement Villages – Tuesday 24th February 2016

There is a motion before the Victorian Legislative Council introduced by the Greens calling for an inquiry into the issues facing residents in retirement villages.  It will be debated this Tuesday 24th February. If it is to be successful, a majority of legislative Council members will need to vote for it. COTA is part of the campaign group urging people to contact local Legislative Council members to show public support for the inquiry.

There are serious issues facing residents of retirement housing in Victoria. They include: the lack of dispute resolution options for residents and a lengthy, stressful and expensive VCAT process. We want your help to contact Liberal and National Party MPs because with their support, the motion will be passed.


If you are a resident of a retirement village or wish to express your concern,  send an email or call your local member of parliament to support the motion before the legislative Council on Tuesday 24th February.

  1. To find out where your local electorate click here
  2. Click here to search for your Local Member of Parliament

There are 3 things we want you to tell your MP when you contact them:

1) Make it clear where you live, so the MP knows that you live in their “electorate”.

2) Tell them your story (or someone else’s story you know) and why something needs to change.

3)  Ask them to support the Retirement Housing motion on February 24 to establish an inquiry into retirement housing.

4) If you are interested in attending the parliamentary debate on the 24th February, we will put up the time of day that it will be held on our facebook and website (when the day’s Agenda is determined).

For more information on the motion click here

Background information on the Retirement Villages Campaign here


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4 Responses to Support Parliamentary Inquiry Into Retirement Villages

  1. Geoff Richards says:

    This needs support – I urge all in this situation to contact their local member(s).
    A recent ‘addition’; to our supposed ‘Service Agreement’ now re-labelled as a ‘Management Contract’ includes the option for the ‘Manager’ to wreck and re-develop the entire site! This comes with no financial compensation AND you are required to renounce any right to object, try to protect or take legal recourse. This could be likened to the being forced back into Middle Ages in the UK with King John and his Sherriff, plundering village assets.

  2. bmorton says:

    Hi Geoff

    Thanks for your feedback on this issues.

  3. Sue says:

    This is a very important matter. The retirement village industry has grown rapidly over the years with out of date legislation, complicated contracts, and local councils treating retirement villages like cash cows regarding council rates for retirement village units. Retirement village residents pay twice for infrastructure items – once to the owner in their monthly levy who provides and maintains the village infrastructure of roads, lighting, drainage, etc. and secondly to the local council which does not provide or maintain any of the previous infrastructure items. This is discriminatory and also double taxation. Only a few local councils have a differential rate for retirement villages in their area while other councils refuse to grant a differential rate for their retirement villages. This is a gross example of inconsistency.

  4. bmorton says:

    Hi Sue

    Thank you for your response on this issue.