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Victoria State Budget 2016


State Budget 2016 

The State Government budget delivered this week contains some excellent funding programs in areas of great relevance to Victorian seniors, the most outstanding being in family violence with elder abuse prevention and support.

COTA’s Seniors Rights Victoria successfully lobbied the Royal Commission on Family Violence to include elder abuse and they did so. There are many references in the RC Report to the proposals made by SRV. Over $500 million is being committed to family violence over 4 years.

Another area is the $356 million for mental health services including suicide prevention. Last year 654 people died by suicide, more than double the road toll.

There is also $15 million committed to the establishment of a Pride Centre for LGBTI people.

One area of concern is the cutting of concessions to seniors.  Changes to age pension eligibility by the Commonwealth Government will impact on Victorian concessions in 2017-18. Fewer Victorian retirees will get the pension card and the concessions it provides so that concessions on energy, rates, water and sewerage will be $456 million in 16/17 down from $490 million in 15/16.

Important budget items on ‘big’ issues will be welcomed by older people particularly on health and public transport.

The Commonwealth Budget to be delivered next Tuesday will have a major impact on older people in the area of retirement incomes.

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4 Responses to Victoria State Budget 2016

  1. bill collier says:

    What has the budget done for carers of people with dementia and those who are looking after their loved ones at home?

  2. bmorton says:

    I am not aware of anything in the Victorian budget that is likely to help carers of people with dementia. The only thing that might
    is an increase on spending in mental health, given that carers are often vulnerable to mental health issues.
    However, I would suggest contacting Carers Victoria 1800 242 636

  3. Rob.D says:

    I currently get a very small part pension from the Federal Govt and the Pension Card which gives me State Govt concessions.
    In Jan 2017 I will lose all of my part pension AND my pension card
    ( replaced with another card with no state Govt concessions on water rates etc)
    Why does the Commonwealth Govt changes to pensions effect the State Govt concessions ?

  4. bmorton says:

    Hi Rob

    The federal government previously provided the states and territories with funding for the concessions. This was withdrawn by the federal government in the 2014-2015 budget, however the Victorian State Government continued to provide the concessions for eligible concession card holders. Unfortunately this does not include the Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card at this stage.