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Media Release           

Age discrimination in the workforce: action needed

Tuesday May 10

A major conference on the impact of age discrimination in the work force will be held in Melbourne on Tuesday May 31.

The COTA Seniors Conference will address the issues of older Australians working into their 70s and 80s and those who cannot get work because of age discrimination. The conference will also examine the recommendations of the Willing to Work Report from the Australian Human Rights Commission released today by the Attorney General.

The keynote address will be given by Marlene Krasovitsky from the Australian Human Rights Commission on the results of the Willing to Work Inquiry into Employment Discrimination Against Older Australians.

COTA Victoria, the advocacy and support group for older Victorians welcomes the Human Rights Commission report and its recommendations and urges whoever is elected to Government in July to urgently address age discrimination and take action to lift the participation of older people in employment.

“People are living longer and this is a triumph of the modern age.  Improvements in medicine and health mean that many of us now look forward to a productive, extended life,” Jack Sach, CEO of COTA Victoria said.

“But unless we tackle age discrimination many people will spend up to forty years of their life without work. There are people as young as 45 experiencing age discrimination, unable to get work and many have given up trying.”

“Governments need to adopt targets for employment and retention of older people in the public service and fund and introduce a national education campaign to dispel myths and stereotypes about older people

“Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that while people aged 55 years and over make up roughly a quarter of the population, they only make up 16% of the total Australian workforce.

“We hope this conference will contribute to action to combat age discrimination so we particularly want to hear from older people who have experienced discrimination,” Jack Sach said.

Media enquiries: Jack Sach: 0437 569879       Brendan O’Dwyer: 0415 764 353.

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