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Victorian Cremations

Victorian Cremations is a brand new online initiative by the Government administered Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT). It is a website allowing you the opportunity to pre-purchase a Cremation Certificate that can be used at Bunurong Memorial Park or Springvale Botanical Cemetery at the low cost of $740. Once purchased, the Cremation Certificate can be used anytime in the future.

Victorian Cremations provides peace of mind with the security of investing with a not-for-profit and government backed organisation – you know where your money is being invested.

This is the first initiative of this type in Australia and the cheapest in Melbourne.

Not only is a cremation certificate from Victorian Cremations the cheapest in Melbourne but comes with no strings attached. If you were to pass away overseas, it is fully refundable.

Victorian Cremations doesn’t have the complexities that are often complained about with funeral insurance, which can contain extensive fine print and can end up costing you more than you think.

Many Victorians are interested in making plans now for how they will be remembered, and Victorian Cremations offers the ability to do that with the innovative MyLifebook which is also available online.

With MyLifebook people can even write their own eulogy. This takes the burden away from loved ones as they will have peace of mind knowing how the deceased wanted to be remembered.

Some Victorians are cremated interstate, where laws on cremation can significantly differ from Victorian laws. For example, interstate records, in certain circumstances or over time don’t need to be made publicly available, down the track your final whereabouts may become unknown.

Victorian Cremations seeks to overcome other hidden problems for family and friends who want to track their ancestors in the future when creating family trees. If you’re cremated in Victoria, you ensure that your records will remain in Victoria – accessible to future generations for genealogy.

To purchase your cremation certificate online in less than 5 minutes or to find out more, simply visit or phone 1300 776 073.

Request a copy of MyLifebook here

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