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Paper bills and statements exemptions update

While Keep Me Posted fights for every Australian’s right to choose paper communications free of charge, some providers have implemented exemptions programs. Here are some examples, do not hesitate to call them to request an exemption.

AGL – Residential customers 131 245,
Business customers 133 835,
Dedicated Seniors number 1300 889 324

Exemptions for: Staying Connected AGL program members, People with a registered concession, on life support, receiving large print bills, with no internet connexion.
Bankwest  – 13 17 19
Exemption for customers aged 80 and over.

CityBank – 13 24 84
Hardship assistance number 1800 020 861

Energy Australia – 133 466
Exemptions for: Concession card holders, Hardship customers, Visually impaired customers.

Foxtel – 131 999
Assessment on case-by-case basis.

Macquarie Bank – 1800 806 310
Will review personal circumstances.

Optus – 133 937

Origin – 13 24 61
Exemptions for: Older customers, People with a concession registered with Origin, Power On program members, People with no access to internet services.

Telstra – 13 22 00
Exemptions for: People registered for Telstra’s Pensioner Discount or Disability Equipment Program,  Australian Government Health Care Card holders, Users of the Telstra Bill Assistance Program Certificate, People who don’t have an email address or internet access.

Please let Keepmeposted know of any other exemptions you may know of by emailing them to

Download the template letter to request an exemption

More information about the campaign visit Keepmeposted website

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