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Image an older couple looking at one another. Text: You matter, your care matters.

National Palliative Care Week

National Palliative Care Week 21-28 May 2017

You matter. Your Care matters. Find out about events and resources on palliative care and talking to those close to you about end of life and what matters to you.

Palliative Care Australia’s  Dying to Talk Discussion Starter: is designed to get people talking about their end-of-life care wishes before it is too late. The kit  can be used by anyone, including those accessing aged care. Palliative Care Australia (PCA) is asking Australians to work through their discussion starter guide to begin to think, talk and document what is important to them, including the care they want at the end of their lives. Resources can be found at

For more information on COTA Victoria’s End of Life work follow the link
End Of Life Issues

COTA Victoria is currently working in partnership with Palliative Care Victoria to present information sessions to community groups on ‘Live well, die well: The role of palliative care’. To book a presentation please phone 1300 13 50 90.

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