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Are you feeling the heat of rising energy bills?

Are you feeling the impact of rising energy bills? Gas and electricity prices are expected to rise rapidly this year. Difficulties in paying energy bills are becoming more common. Increasing  numbers of Victorians face hardship and are having to cut back their use of electricity and gas in order to pay other household bills. COTA Victoria,represents the voice of older people on a number of committees including the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria. Energy companies and government committees are wanting to hear about the difficulties faced by older people when paying energy bills or any other issues they may be having with their energy suppliers.

COTA Victoria seeks to hear how energy and water costs are impacting upon you not only to inform our work but also to advocate on your behalf to seek fairness and representation of older people in this area. Share your story via completing the survey on the this link (

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Interested in campaigning for energy efficiency? Join one the One Million Homes Alliance

Imagine if we could cut energy bills for vulnerable Victorians through minimum energy efficiency standards in rental housing whilst reducing pollution. COTA Victoria supports the One Million Homes Alliance lead by Environment Victoria. This campaign encourages investment in energy efficiency and aims to save money for those that can least afford it. Government will also benefit through the payment reduction in utility concessions.  This simple achievable measure also provides a legacy for future generations. For more information visit Environment Victoria website.

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3 Responses to Are you feeling the heat of rising energy bills?

  1. David Penn says:

    Certainly I am feeling the squeeze on utility bills and being on new start at age 63 and not being able to work due to work injury (still fighting work care) I only have $30 left per fortnight to live on(as all my savings have gone) utilities take it all with rent hoping people power can do something

  2. David Penn says:

    Utilities take up everything I get on new start at age 63 with a permanent work injury hope people power can affect some change

  3. COTA Volunteer says:

    Hi David, Apologies for the delayed reply. Thank you for being so open with your experiences. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that the challenges people face regarding utilities are not uncommon. However, by people like yourself sharing your experiences, we can advocate with evidence for change.