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Calls for action at federal and state level on retirement housing

Alan Fels, Bill Shorten and Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt all agree, something must be done to address the treatment of older people in Retirement Villages. On Monday night, 4 corners exposed serious financial exploitation of older people by some Retirement Housing operators.  AVEO, the biggest commercial operator, was put under the spotlight for its use of complicated and opaque contracts, unfair fees and treatment by management. COTA alongside Consumer Action Law Centre, Resident of Retirement Villages Victoria and Housing for the Aged Action Group have been working on retirement housing reform for years. The whole retirement housing industry has been exposed through the joint Fairfax and 4 Corners investigation. But we must maintain our momentum in calling for industry wide change.

Since Monday night, more residents are coming forward with their stories of exorbitant fees and poor treatment by management. The Victorian Government has until September to respond to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Retirement Housing. COTA Victoria urges Premier Andrews to lead the way in addressing the exploitation of older people in retirement housing and introduce an Industry Ombudsman alongside an advocacy service for older people to create a fair, safe and affordable retirement housing system.

We urge all older people, their families and friends and anyone concerned about the treatment of older people in retirement housing to sign the petition calling for an Industry Ombudsman and stronger regulation that stops unfair contracts and fees.

Follow the link to watch the the Project program about the Retirement Villages Investigation winch includes interviews to Ian Yates (COTA‘s CEO) and Geoff Grady (CEO of Aveo)

Sign the petition to Help us make Retirement Housing affordable and fair

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1 Response to Calls for action at federal and state level on retirement housing

  1. Donessia Macdonald says:

    It is not just retirement places, all older Australians should be treated fairly. I am 72 years old, paying $250 rent a week out of my old age pension. With gas and power and water bills, it leaves about $20 a week for food. Is this fair?