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COTA Victoria 50+ Survey Report

Understanding the needs of people 50+ across Victoria

We are releasing the report with the findings of the 50+ Survey. In the survey more than 4000 Victorians were asked to share their opinion on how they find the information they need and how they get around their communities, and any issues they face in these areas.

The report will allow decision makers to better understand the needs of Victorians who are over 50.

COTA Victoria was able to conduct this survey with thanks to the support of the Victorian Government.

In recent years we have noticed there has been a change in the way government, services and businesses communicate with each other. The findings of the report have identified that the current approach is inadequate and does not meet the needs of our diverse community.

While 78% of respondents reported to have a good or excellent quality of life, some issues still need to be addressed. These include:

  • Older people are forced to use private transport to be able to access the services they need. While people with a disability and those living in rural areas found it difficult to access services because of limited transport options.
  • The areas older people are seeking information about are financial services, government pensions, concessions and healthcare.
  • Understaffing, constant staff turnover, and automated telephone messaging made searching for information difficult.
  • Issues when accessing online services included lack of access, no response to online enquiries, generic and impersonal information and poor navigation as they were not able to find their way around the website.
  • Websites with information on a wide range of topics were found to be the most difficult to navigate. An example of these being the MyGovand MyAgedCare

Read more about of the 50+ Survey results on the following links:

COTA Victoria 50+ Survey Report full version

Summarised version of the COTA Victoria 50+ Survey Report

*COTA Victoria acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government

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