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Minimum housing standards for health and safety urgently needed

COTA Victoria is campaigning for the introduction of minimum health, safety and efficiency standards in rental properties. Too many Victorian renters are exposed to health and safety risks in sub-standard rental housing. Increasing numbers of older people are experiencing hardship as a result of rising energy and rental costs. Older people are particularly vulnerable to extreme hot and cold weather events and the impact of living in unsafe and inefficient housing.

The Tenants Union and almost 50 other community, consumer and health organisations, are calling for mandatory minimum standards as part the new Residential Tenancies Act (RTA).  You can support  The make rent fair campaign  by writing to your local state MP and asking for minimum standards as part of the new Residential Tenancies Act (RTA).

COTA Victoria also wants to hear how energy and rental costs are impacting on you. You can share your story either publicly or confidentially by email: or call our Seniors Information Line on 1300135090. You can read more on COTA’s call for fairer safer rent laws here.

COTA Victoria also supports the One Million Homes Alliance lead by Environment Victoria. Imagine if we could cut energy bills for vulnerable Victorians through minimum energy efficiency standards in rental housing whilst reducing pollution. The One Million Homes Alliance encourages investment in energy efficiency, saves money for those that can least afford it and reduces the cost of utility concessions paid by government. This simple achievable measure also provides a legacy for future generations. The call for minimum health, safety and energy efficiency housing standards has never been stronger. Join our community and have your voice heard.

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