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COTA Victoria Celebrates National Carers Week – 15th to 21st October

Give a thought and a special thank you to the 700,000 Victorians in a caring role this week. Carers come from all walks of life and provide care for a range of reasons. Whilst providing care for a family member or friend has many rewards, it can also be very demanding. COTA Victoria acknowledges the amazing role and work of carers in our society but we also know that as a society we rely heavily on those that care and this can result in their lives being restricted, financial hardship and health and emotional costs. Women in particular between the ages of 55 and 64 provide the bulk of care for ageing parents. Women also combine caring with often low paid and casual work.
As our society grapples with the impact of the NDIS and Aged Care Reforms, how we care for carers and provide much respite needs greater attention and support. COTA Victoria believes there is significant work ahead in developing more sustainable and equitable care arrangements in our society. Within this space we celebrate the important education, policy and support work of Carers Victoria.
This week, acknowledge and support someone you know who is in a caring role. SAY THANK YOU
COTA Victoria supports the Work & Care initiative. Become a Carer-Friendly Workplace

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