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New guide for short term restorative care

The Australian Government has produced a new guide booklet to help older Australians, their families and carers through the process of accessing short-term restorative care (STRC).

The ‘Your guide to short-term restorative care’ booklet follows the older person’s journey from initial assessment through to the ongoing management of STRC services.

STRC provides a range of care and services for up to eight weeks to help prevent or reduce difficulties older people are having with completing everyday tasks. It aims to improve wellbeing and independence to help them continue living in their own home and can be accessed twice in any 12 month period.

Care places are not immediately available in all areas, but the Australian Government has committed to making at least 2000 places available across the country by 2021. STRC is a package of services able to be provided for the older person either in their home, in their community, in an aged care home or a mix of these.

Click STRC guide to access the new booklet. Further information is also available at the My Aged Care website.

There has also been an update to the STRC Program Manual, a resource for approved providers of STRC to assist their understanding of the operational requirements for delivery of STRC to clients in the home or a residential care setting.

The manual was originally published in September 2016, and was most recently updated and republished in November 2017. The most up to date version of the manual is available at STRC Program Manual.

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