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Colleen Furlanetto

New Taxi Services Commissioner

Image courtesy of DARU

The Taxi Services Commission has continued its drive to make taxi and hire car services more accessible with the appointment of Colleen Furlanetto as a commissioner.

Commissioner Furlanetto is a respected disability advocate, a qualified nurse and the former Mayor and Councillor at Strathbogie Shire. She is now Chair of the Victorian Disability Advisory Council, which provides advice to government to influence systemic change for people with a disability.

Taking up her role at the beginning of the year, the commissioner is responsible for a diverse range of disability and accessibility issues in the commercial passenger vehicle industry, including wheelchair accessible services.

The State Government is investing $25 million to improve and expand accessible point-to-point services in Victoria. A review of subsidies and incentives for accessible point-to-point transport services is also underway to provide users with better access to convenient, reliable transport which will complement the rollout of the NDIS.

“I look forward to working with Colleen and her fellow commissioners to ensure people with a disability benefit from a greater range of services as we open up the industry to rideshare and other innovative transport services”, said Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan.

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