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Breaking the loneliness cycle in aged care

Residential aged care facilities should be well placed to tackle issues of loneliness and isolation due to communal living, availability of caregivers to support health needs, unrestricted timeframes for visitors and leisure, recreation and lifestyle programs, according to the Australian Ageing Agenda.

However, research in 2012 found that older people in residential care report feeling more lonely than those living in the community.

The solution to tackling loneliness for those living in residential facilities must not rely upon maintaining diminishing family connections once present in former lives, the Australian Ageing Agenda report stated.

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2 Responses to Breaking the loneliness cycle in aged care

  1. Annie Warner says:

    At the same time there are others living lonely lives at home or, as in my case, on the road with no fixed address and time on my hands – I am sure there could be a sort of ‘visiting friends’ set up to link those who are feeling isolated in care facilities with those of us who share those feelings in other settings…..all we need to do is find the people and connect them! I am willing to help in this in any way that I can.

  2. ~ C says:

    My wife worked in one and has vowed she will never, never be consigned to one, ever. I have promised never to even think about it.