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Knock knock

Do you know your rights when a salesperson knocks on your door?

It might feel awkward to say no when you can’t walk away. Salespeople may take advantage of this situation to put pressure on you to sign up. You always have the right to tell them you’re not interested and ask them to leave.

If you don’t want to be approached by door-to-door salespeople, get a ‘Do not knock’ sticker from the ACCC Consumer Rights website and stick it on your front door or gate post.

Read about your rights on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

 Campaign to stop travelling con men

Consumer Affairs Victoria is working with Crime Stoppers Victoria to raise awareness of travelling con men and educate Victorians about how to identify them and say ‘no’. Travelling con men often scam vulnerable people, such as older Victorians, stay-at-home parents and carers, and those who speak little or no English.

Email for more information about the campaign.

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