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COTA welcomes energy bills busting incentive

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23 April 2018

COTA welcomes energy bills busting incentive

COTA Victoria has welcomed the Victorian Government’s $50 energy bills busting bonus announced on the weekend, aimed at getting Victorian families a better deal from power companies.

COTA Victoria CEO Ronda Held encouraged older Victorians to participate in the scheme by seeking potentially better energy deals on the Victorian Energy Compare website, which helps the typical household save $330 on their energy bills in the first year alone, according to the State Government.

To get the $50 bonus, households will simply have to use the independent website between 1 July and 31 December 2018. There is no requirement to take up an offer or switch plans. The Victorian Budget 2018/19 will invest $48 million in the Power Saving Bonus.

This incentive will encourage older Victorians to consider what they can save on their bills through the website. COTA can provide free assistance to older people to help navigate Victorian Energy Compare through Seniors Information Victoria phone line 1300 13 50 90.

“This is a great incentive for all Victorians, including older people. We welcome the Victoria Government’s commitment to support people, including older Victorians, in vulnerable times and to help them to manage and reduce their energy bills,” Ms Held said.

The budget will also provide $21.7 million to increase the Utility Relief Grant cap from $500 to $650 – helping households and families suffering unexpected hardship to pay their water, gas or electricity bills.

Ms Held said COTA had called for an increase in the cap and welcomed the announcement as it would help people struggling to pay their energy bills.

The Victoria Government said seven out of every 10 users can save money by switching retail offers – and the Victorian Energy Compare site has had over 700,000 users since it was launched in late 2015. To visit Energy Compare go to

Media enquiries: Ronda Held 0450 785 437

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2 Responses to COTA welcomes energy bills busting incentive

  1. M P says:

    Are there any schemes to help pensioners install solar power?

  2. Brenda Lacey says:

    Thanks for your query about solar power.

    The Commonwealth Government have information on their websites as follows;

    Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Information Line on 1300 13 50 90 (9:30am to 1:00pm weekdays except public holidays).