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Death of a partner booklet launch in Law Week

COTA Victoria will launch its Death of a Partner resource booklet during this year’s Law Week events in May.

During the past two years COTA worked with the Energy and Water Ombudsman, Victoria and the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages to bring about systematic change that will make a practical difference for people following the death of a partner.

The Death of a Partner booklet was developed by COTA Victoria to help people navigate those legal, financial and administrative requirements after a partner’s death. COTA obtained funding from Victoria Law Foundation to develop this series of information sheets in plain English.

Death of a Partner will be launched on Wednesday, May 16, at the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages office, 595 Collins Street, Melbourne. To attend this free event, register at Death of a Partner

Other Law Week activities have been organised by the Victoria Law Foundation to make learning about the law easy. Held in May each year, Law Week has taken place across Victoria since 1980.

Law Week offers Victorians the opportunity to find answers to their legal questions, discover the history of the courts or simply enjoy the spectacle of the law.

The Law Week program includes mock trials, behind-the-scenes tours, expert information sessions, panel forums and more.

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1 Response to Death of a partner booklet launch in Law Week

  1. Marcia Holdsworth says:

    Can this event become a webinar for those who live outside the Metropolitan area and cannot attend in person?