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It’s an election year so let’s make some noise!

As a membership based organisation for older people, COTA Victoria is keen to hear from all older people as to what are the important concerns and changes they seek from the Victorian State Government in this election year.

COTA Victoria is developing an election platform, but it needs your input to prioritise the issues and recommendations.

To this end, the organisation has developed a brief online survey for anyone interested in participating. The answers will guide COTA to better understand the needs of older people to live a good life in their local community, what they like about living there and what would make it better. Of course if there any other issues to raise then COTA is keen to listen.

There are no right or wrong answers to the questions and it should only take you about 15  minutes to complete.

COTA Victoria CEO Ronda Held encouraged people to invite family and friends to complete the survey, “The more answers we have, the louder our voice will be,” she said.

The survey can be found at Let’s Make Some Noise

For more information contact Victoria Wells on 9655 2401 or email

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8 Responses to It’s an election year so let’s make some noise!

  1. Colin Nash says:

    Hi, for the upcoming election I would like to see free public transport for aged pensioners, as they do in London. I don’t need to spell out the advantages of older people connecting to the community etc.
    I know we get free public transport on the weekend, but there is still another 5 days in the week. I’m hoping COTA will ’embrace’ this suggestion.

  2. Colin Nash says:

    I believe that seniors in Victoria should have free public transport, as they do in London. The benefits would far outweigh the cost.

  3. Hi Colin,
    Thank you for getting in contact. One of our staff members will be in contact with you soon.
    COTA Team

  4. admin says:

    Hello Colin
    thank you very much for your comments and suggestions. I will pass this along to the Public Transport Working Group we have, and it will be one of the suggestions that make up our platform for the election.
    Community Engagement Officer

  5. Rita Cavanagh says:

    I’d like to see better public transport in rural areas, even if we have to pay. It’s very difficult for less mobile people to attend hospital appointments when it is 100km away and there are only 3 buses a day at inconvenient times.

  6. Chris Bayliss says:

    Well, is there any chance that our isolated areas, like Bendoc, Bonang and Tubbut might one day receive assistance in obtaining a visiting or permanent Doctor at either location, Bonang would be more central to all areas. Also free transport for seniors would assist our ageing community members with cost factors associated with specialist appointments and hospital visits.
    Neighbourhood House

  7. Norma Thornton says:

    I would value an increase in the energy concession amount for single pensioners. It cost as much for one person to heat a house as it does for 2 people, but the allowance for 2 is nearly double that of a single person.
    Also while service costs have increased the concession amounts have not.

  8. Hi Norma,
    Thank you for your comment. The energy concessions offered to concession card holders is a fixed percentage which is applied to the energy bill — provided that the name of a concession card holder is on the energy account. This percentage does not double, or respond at all, to the number of concession card holders in the household.

    We agree with you Norma, the concession amount has not increased to reflect the huge increases in energy costs.

    Kind regards,

    COTA Victoria Team