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COTA believes that ageing is a time of possibility, opportunity and influence. The Australian Government is beginning to align with with this vision, recognising that Australians are living longer and that there is a need to plan ahead for this.

COTA Australia advocated for initiatives in the 2018 Budget that support older Australians to be prepared to live a healthy, independent and connected life with the More Choices for a Longer Life initiative. We continue to work with the government to extend and implement these initiatives.

The Long Live You website can connect with programs that assist you to be healthy, active, connected and independent.

In this edition of COTA Connects we also acknowledge the fantastic work of COTA Victoria’s volunteers and Seniors Awards recipients, who give so much to support our work and the Victorian community in general. They are the backbone of our Victorian community and we showed our appreciation of their contribution at our Volunteer Week event.

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