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What transport systems do we want as we age?

Many older people, especially in rural and regional areas, have problems getting to medical appointments, doing their shopping, or visiting friends and groups that they belong to. Transport came at the top of a list of issues experienced by older people at the recent Listening Posts tour.

Posing the question ‘What transport systems do we want as we age?’ the COTA Victoria Transport Forum will investigate ways to improve public and community transport options, with particular focus on rural and regional Victoria.

Do you have experience of living in a rural area with good or bad transport options? Are you a volunteer driver for a rural transport service? Do you reside in Melbourne or another city in Victoria and use public or community transport? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we would love to have your input at the Transport Forum.

What: Transport Forum
Where: Docklands Library Multipurpose Room,
107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands Vic 3008
When: Thursday 28 June 2018
Time: 9:30 registration
10am–2pm Forum

Please RSVP to:
Victoria Wells
Phone: 9655 2140

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8 Responses to What transport systems do we want as we age?

  1. Lorna says:

    The railway transport system from Melbourne to Bairnsdale is exceedingly bad, almost impossible for older people. There are very few trips daily, usually they commence too early and end too late for elderly people. They usually have difficult steps and trains often break down. This last week, people had to get off and walk along the railway line to get to the station,something many older people couldn’t do. Some trains have been over an hour late. People were so annoyed recently, that railway staff supplied orange juice and popcorn to stop them rioting.

  2. Karen Sydow says:

    I live in Ballarat. I will do my best to get to this forum BUT one can only travel off-peak on the free Seniors travel vouchers, and if you’re Myki-ing, off-peak is a LOT cheaper. Pensioners know this!!! Off-peak means that you need to touch-off in Zone 1 AFTER 9 am. Given country train timetables, and the likelihood of having to stand the whole way at that hour of the morning, getting to anything in Melbourne at 9.30 am or thereabouts is a VERY tall order!! I can arrive at Spencer St at 8.59 am (it’s usually late, so touch-off after 9 am OK), but it’s always overcrowded, and no guarantee of a seat), or the next train arrives at 9.39 am. That one is also often late. Hopefully I can find my way from Spencer St to the venue by 10 am!!!!!

  3. Marcus Wigan says:

    As an elderly Emeritus Professor of Transport I am sorry that this notice was so very very short..and may not be able to attend as a result. I dont think that any action has yet been taken on drawing in expertise in COTA membership in the transport policy area from your recent call for volunteers as yet, as presumably you would have given me sufficient early warning! Are you planning to take any action on this front soon?

  4. Victoria Wells says:

    The Transport Forum was in last month’s Cota Connects. We are pleased with the number of people who are attending.

  5. Victoria Wells says:

    Hello there

    The Transport Forum has come from the Listening Posts COTA carried out earlier this year. Transport was the top issue to emerge, both as a way of getting from A to B but also as the way to stay active and engaged with communities. We understand that buses and trams can be difficult but trains, especially from country areas can be especially challenging.

    If you would like to register for the Forum we will send you instructions as to how to get to the venue. We hope to see you there

  6. Victoria Wells says:

    Hello Lorna

    Thank you for your comment. The Listening Post at Bairnsdale heard similar stories to yours about trains to Melbourne; not many during the day and too early or too late for older people. At COTA we want better community and public transport options for older people so that everyone can age in place more easily.

  7. Mrs Addison says:

    I have not trouble traveling from Bacchus Marsh to the city with my myki, outside on non peak time. The daily cost is very small, so I just travel when I need to go . It is a problem if trains have to wait for ten minutes at Southern cross for a platform , and I miss my Metro connection as per the PTV journey planner .

  8. Victoria Wells says:

    Hello Mrs Addison

    Thank you for letting us know about your public transport experience. We will keep your experience in mind when we have our Transport Forum on 28 June.

    The COTA Team