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Getting your $50 power saving bonus

Every Victorian household that accesses the State Government’s energy comparison site – where one can find the best electricity and gas deals – will receive a $50 bonus payment from the Government. This power saving bonus is available from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.

While COTA Victoria applauds this initiative, we would like to alert households of a few issues that we have experienced:

  • You will need an internet connection and an email account to access the website and receive this bonus. COTA Victoria is in discussions with the relevant Department to try to find a solution for people who do not use computers or cannot afford to have internet. In the meantime, you may need to ask a friend or relative who has email access to assist you.
  • The website has a function where you can upload a PDF file of your bill instead of entering the details manually. While convenient, this function is not very accurate. Unless this issue is fixed, it is best to enter your details manually.
  • Caution: private comparison sites have got involved, also offering a $50 bonus. Please note that the Government website is:

Every Victorian household can submit a claim for the power saving bonus, if you:

  • have a residential electricity bill and are the account holder for that bill; and
  • are able to receive your bonus payment via mail at the address receiving power.


  1. Visit the Victorian Energy Compare website at:
  2. Follow the prompts and enter all requested information about your current electricity deal.
  3. You will then be directed to a Compare Offers screen.
  4. At the top right hand corner of this screen you will see a button to submit your power saving bonus.
  5. You will be asked some further information about your billing address and contact details.
  6. Once you submit those details you will be informed of your customer reference number. This number will also be emailed to the email address that you provided.
  7. The email will set out further information and instructions on how to proceed.

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5 Responses to Getting your $50 power saving bonus

  1. Anne Gleason says:

    I think the Victorian State Government’s $50 power bonus is a ridiculous waste of money. It is easy for anyone to secure discounted pay on time electricity/gas accounts without this. Surely this money would have been better spent on reducing state debt!

  2. Colan Kevill says:

    The chaos of electricity pricing is extraordinary. Even the ACCC Chair said he could not be sure if he had interpreted the presented figures correctly!

    Stop the nonsense. Let us go back to the SEC system of definite charges per Kwh of electricity.

    And now I see in my latest Email from BUPA that they are advising new conditions which I cannot follow!

    All utilities are saying confuse and conquer and profit massively.

  3. Linda Everington says:

    I applied for the bonus. I filled in everything asked. Now they want me to scan a copy of my drivers licence and an electricity bill. I don’t have a scanner and I don’t want to give them a copy of my divers licence.

    They are trying to make it too hard for people to get the bonus.

  4. seniors2 says:

    Hi Linda
    WE have been in touch with Dept.of Environment, Land, Water and Planning about this issue quite alot. And we have been advocating for them to provide other options for people to access the $50 bonus. We have been told that if anyone has difficulty to email the support team at, but if email is a barrier, there is also the option of calling the DELWP customer service centre to see if a claim can be lodged manually. If you look up DELWP website contact centres – you will find phone numbers and addresses. DELWP also suggest you ask your local neighbourhood house or U3A to assist but we agree – this should not be that hard. Otherwise take a photo of your bill if you can’t scan your bill. If this also difficult we urge you to visit your local MP and let them know how difficult this has been. Apologies there is no simple response

  5. seniors2 says:

    We have expressed our concern at how this has been administered and those who need it most are likely to be missing out. You can let your local MP know what you think about this issue. Thanks for your comment.