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Helping the Silent generation to tell their stories

If you’re aged 75 and over we would love to see you at the session: Your Story Matters – bring it to life.

People belonging to this group can sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of ongoing change they have experienced and may, at times, even feel forgotten. This generation has been part of a world that has seen war, the advent of planes and cars, and the rise of television and the internet. They have many stories to tell.

We understand that you too may want to leave a story or two for your grandchildren, making sure that they have knowledge of your struggles and good times. So please, tell us what stories you would like to tell and how you would like to tell them. Our Inspiring Life Stories service goes some way in providing opportunities for you to do this, however, we are sure that there are also many other ways to make sure that you can leave a living legacy for your grandchildren now as well as into the future.

If you have ideas on what, and how, you would like to communicate with your grandchildren come along to Your Story Matters session at COTA Victoria during the Seniors Festival.

Your Story Matters – bring it to life

When: Wednesday 10 October, 10:30 am
Where: COTA Victoria, Level 4, 533 Little Lonsdale Street

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