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New fitness club specifically for the over 50s

Duke’s, a fitness club in Hampton East, is pioneering a new era in the fitness industry – a dedicated health and fitness club for those aged 50 and over. They are now a Living Longer Living Stronger provider.

The club has been tailored to the over 50s population, from the boutique décor, to the social lounge, the period specific music, and all the way to specifically designed HUR air driven computerised equipment imported from Finland. This is more than a facility running a program for over 50s, it is dedicated to them.

One of the members has highlighted, ‘that it’s been a long while since I was at a gym. I used to be fit, healthy and of course a bit younger. I enjoyed working out, but life got busy and my focus was on career, family and pretty much everything but me. My fitness quickly disappeared, along with my waist line! I had many attempts at returning to training but my body wasn’t prepared for the stress and strain of inexperienced trainers not understanding an ageing body Then I noticed this place on my way home – Duke’s Health & Fitness for over 50s. Walking in the door at Duke’s has been the best decision I have made for myself for a very long time. Jonathan Duke, with his beaming smile, engaging personality and dedication to making the over 50’s feel strong and healthy again is the key to this fabulous gym.’

The owner of the club, Jonathan Duke, says, ‘when you begin here you are taken through an extensive consultation process to find out what you need, what you are capable of and how we can achieve that. You’re then taken through a program that has been designed with traditional gym equipment to specifically improve your weaknesses and build on your strengths. We then program you into our HUR equipment while educating you on its functions. The HUR Smart Card system is very automated and easy to use. All members need to do, once set up, is swipe their Smart Card and it will set up how many sets/reps, load up the correct weight and count for you. It will even tell you how long to rest for and the best part is when you outgrow the weight setting it will increase the weight, so it grows with you. As a third option, members have access to small group classes to keep things fun and social.’

If you are looking for a Living Stronger Living Longer program near you, either go to our website or phone us on 9655 2100.

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