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It’s the State Election in November – get involved!

Victoria State Election in November – get involved!
As advocates for older people, COTA Victoria encourages and nurtures members to build relationships with standing MPs and the candidates.

Members of parliament are our representatives, and in order for them to understand what we want, we have to tell them what is important to us. Use your voice – be heard.

Older people (50+) make up 33.4% of the state population, yet the issues that affect older people are not always heard or talked about: housing, transport, digital inclusion, energy prices. In the next 15 years, the number of older people is going to increase as a percentage of the Victorian population and COTA Victoria’s purpose is to ensure those voices are heard.

As a reader of COTA Connects, you have a role to play. You can meet your MP and other candidates and bring these issues to their attention. Are you confused about energy pricing? Concerned about housing? Angry about transport options in your area? Take these issues to your sitting MP and other candidates.

If you would like more information about particular issues, you can read our 2018 State Election Platform or contact us via the details below. We are happy to send you this Platform in both electronic and hard copy.

Contact Victoria Wells at:, or call on 9655 2140 to let us know what information you would like.

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