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Make ladder safety matter

Ladders are associated with more deaths and injuries than any other household product and men over the age of 60 are over-represented in trauma statistics. That’s why the Victorian Government is running the Ladder Safety Matters campaign: to prevent serious injury and deaths from domestic ladder falls.

The campaign encourages older men to make safety matter when using a ladder, as well as considering the consequences of unsafe ladder use – not just the risk of a fall, but what could happen after a fall. Practicing ladder safety will help older Victorians remain active and independent.

The Ladder Safety Matters campaign page hosts a number of resources, including case studies about three Victorian men who fell from a ladder, and a brochure and information about how to prevent ladder falls in the home. The brochures contain a helpful warning sticker to stick onto a ladder.

The online case studies are also available in community languages – Chinese, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Macedonian, Punjabi, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Please consider ordering some brochures for your next community forum, or gathering, to start a conversation about preventing ladder falls.

For more information visit or watch Paul’s story.
Translations of this and other videos about ladder safety are also available at Health Translations.

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