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New one-stop carers’ resource from Palliative Care Victoria

Caring can be satisfying… it is also hard work. Carers improve the quality of life of people they care for. They support others to manage activities that are critical to well-being. Carers give love, time, effort and skill to make lives more comfortable.

Carers take on the role, temporarily or permanently, to support a family member struggling with illness, disability, ageing or mental health. Carers may be part of the workforce, offering skilled and supportive care to community members requiring assistance to complete daily tasks and activities.

Help for Families and Carers is a new resource from Palliative Care Victoria (PCV), offering access to information about important services and resources available in Victoria and nationally. Help for Families and Carers is easily accessible through the Palliative Care Victoria website, with active hyperlinks that connect immediately to the site needed. This format enables up-to-date contact and web details at all times.

The resource is relevant for most families and carers in the Victorian community. Help for Carers and Families was inspired by feedback from members and partners of Palliative Care Victoria. It aims to support carers of persons with a life-limiting illness, such as some advanced cancers, organ failure, dementia and other conditions.

Persons with a life-limiting illness and their families may struggle for years to maintain quality of life, manage pain and other symptoms. Other needs may arise when families and carers are low on energy or resources.

Looking for the right solution can be difficult within an increasingly complex healthcare system. Help for Carers and Families gives access to information now. Find it by clicking on the link:

Palliative Care Victoria has as its vision that all people with a life-limiting illness and their families are supported to live well, die well and grieve well. We value the collaboration and support of people with a life-limiting illness, carers, our members and partners, the Victorian Government and many others to achieve this vision.

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