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Walking for well-being

Do you ever have those days when things just get you down? We all do! My favoured way of dealing with such day is going for a walk. This walk does not have to be long, or even strenuous, but it is always enough to allow my mind time to calm down and for the overwhelming feelings to be abated.

As part of the Victorian Seniors Festival, COTA and the Inner Melbourne Life Activities Clubs organised two walks around the city. The first, from Parliament Station, up Spring Street to Carlton Gardens, back along the other side of Spring Street and to Collins Place for a coffee, proved particularly popular, even with the persistent rain. The popularity of the walk suggests that walking is something that people like to do. The 35 or so individuals who participated all told us they had a good time, despite the weather. So thank you to all of you who came along.

Walking is not just a good activity for physical well-being, but it is good for your mental health too. The mental health benefit comes from being out in the open doing a physical activity. The benefit is added to if it is carried out in company. The social interaction on the walk on 9 October added to the joy of each participant, with many commenting how much they enjoyed the company.

If you would like to know more about walking, Victoria Walks has walking maps available on their website. These can be followed on a mobile phone as you walk, or printed off before you leave. If there is a walk you really enjoy, and think others will benefit from, you can upload it to their site.

At the time of writing, we have not carried out the second walk for Seniors Week but I expect from the weather forecast more people will attend. What a joy!

Victoria Wells, Community Engagement Officer, COTA Victoria

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