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Reminiscing Story Cards the perfect Christmas Gift for your parents and grandparents

A resource that assists older people to tell their stories

With time to reminisce and a bit of prompting, we all have stories to tell. Reminiscing in a supportive environment and with a focus on strengths and positives can lift an older person’s mood, reminding them – and their support workers – of their resourcefulness and depth of experience.

COTA Australia and the Faculty of Health, Arts and Design at Swinburne University developed Story Cards to encourage older people to reminisce, highlighting their resilience, persistence and creativity.

The Story Cards are prompts that encourage older people to talk about:

  • Beginnings – family, childhood, school, friendships, work and relationships
  • Strengths and successes – happy experiences and achievements
  • Challenges and wisdom – values and traditions, legacy and lessons learnt

The Story Cards provide a black and white photo matched to each question and they come with a booklet that provides instructions for use.

Cost: $45 per kit.



Alternatively, you can purchase the Reminiscing Story Cards at COTA Victoria
Phone: 9655 2100

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