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VCOSS Policy Tracker – make an informed vote

With the Victorian State Election set for Saturday 24 November, now would be a good time to start assessing which party or candidate best represents your views and make a well-informed decision for the future of Victoria.

The Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) has developed an online Policy Tracker that allows for easy navigation and transparency on how and where each major political party are pledging support on key political issues during this State election.

The Policy Tracker is categorised by issues such as Housing, Employment and Cost of Living, which then clearly outlines a snapshot of the policy and pledge made by the Labor, Liberal and Greens parties. For those who wish to find more in depth information, VCOSS has included hyperlinks and videos to relevant news articles and politicians’ media appearances.

VCOSS have accessed the policy and supporting information from the party’s official websites or in some circumstances obtained then by request. In the event a formal policy document was not available, the VCOSS Policy experts have developed fair representation of the policy based on public statements, media releases and political speeches available in the media.

While the Policy Tracker specifically catalogues election pledges and announcements, any existing government policy positions are not included.

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