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Consumer Policy Research Centre to launch new research report at upcoming event: The Renter’s Journey

Australians are spending more time and money in the private rental system than ever before. The ongoing supply-side focus of policymakers often doesn’t consider the actual lived experiences of consumers.

Consumer-centred innovation and policy reform is needed to ensure an effective, fair and inclusive rental market. Beyond affordability, housing must be fit-for-purpose and close to essential services, education facilities and employment opportunities.

The Victorian Government is leading the nation on rental reform, with some big wins for consumers, however, there is still a lot of progress to be made on implementation, and in other jurisdictions.

Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC)’s latest research report – The Renter’s Journey – follows the common and differing rental experiences of the rental market of four key segments (young singles, women over 55, low income families, and migrant families), making recommendations to policymakers for change.

The report will be launched at the first CPRC Policy Connect Series forum for 2019 on Monday, 25 February at Rydges Melbourne. The series is designed to bring together policymakers, academic experts, community advocates and industry leaders to discuss some of the greatest challenges facing consumers today.

CPRC invites you to join leaders from across sectors including Dr Heather Holst (Victorian Commissioner for Residential Tenancies), Emma King (CEO, Victorian Council of Social Services) and Simon Cohen (Deputy Secretary, Regulation and Director, Consumer Affairs Victoria, Victorian State Department of Justice and Community Safety) as we present our findings and discuss the big questions in rental reform and innovation.

This landmark event aims to change the policy conversation around the private rental system, collectively exploring opportunities to: empower consumers; deliver a more inclusive and responsive housing market; and, find fresh solutions for intractable challenges in delivering housing and homes for all Australians. In the absence of significant social housing investment on the horizon, it’s even more important that we get this right to support the tenants of today and into the future.

Tickets for the event at The Renter’s Journey Forum.

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