An Agenda for Ageing

An Agenda for Ageing in Victoria

An alliance of 20 organisations, led by COTA Victoria, are calling on the Victorian Government to create a vision for 21st century modern ageing that will guide a whole of government plan to improve the future for a growing number of older Victorians.

An Agenda for Ageing calls for practical action across government departments to address the following:

  • valuing the contributions of older people
  • employment
  • health ageing and participation
  • support and recognition of carers
  • strengthening culture and supporting diversity
  • access to services
  • affordable, safe housing
  • elder abuse prevention and response.

The coalition of organisations are calling for all political parties to support a bi-partisan plan for Victoria’s ageing population that will keep our older population contributing to communities and the economy and ensuring no one is left behind.

If your organisation would like to join the Agenda for Ageing Alliance, please contact Donna Swan on 9655 2139

To read full report go to An Agenda for Ageing.


  • Council on the Ageing Victoria (including Seniors Rights Victoria)
  • Health Issues Centre
  • Carers Victoria
  • Victorian Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Organisation
  • Victorian Council of Social Service
  • National Ageing Research Institute,
  • Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria
  • Housing for the Aged Action Group
  • Consumer Action Law Centre
  • Financial and Consumer Rights Council
  • Community Transport Association of Victoria
  • Victoria Walks
  • Dementia Victoria
  • Palliative Care Victoria
  • Val’s LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care (GLHV)
  • Fair Go For Pensioners
  • Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria
  • Mental Health Victoria
  •  Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association
  • Per Capita

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