Be A COTA Agent of Change

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Previous Work

NEVER TOO LATE: Older People and Leadership 

A working paper by and for participants in the Leadership Participatory Action Research Group. Never Too Late provides many inspiring stories and group wisdom from a group of older people who are locally active.  Here, older people’s experiences challenge usual ideas of retirement.  For most, this is not a time of stepping back to make way for younger people.  Often, this is a beginning, a time to step up and into new and exciting areas, and keep learning about what is possible for older people to exercise a range of leadership activities.  Download your copy to share with others.

Previous Campaigns

  • Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Opportunities for Senior Victorians – Ask your local state MP what they will do.
  • Aged Care reform – Participate in 2012 campaign workshops and action
  • Join Green Sages, COTA’s climate change action group (insert link)
  • Fair go for Pensioners – attend rallies, encourage your community seniors’ organsiations to sign on to the Statement of Claims.
  • Living Longer Living Stronger – Tell your local State MP or Premiere how much you benefit from the strength training.

Campaign for Change – What can you do?

This section is currently being updated for 2018


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  1. Pamela Howle says:

    What is COTA doing for self funded retirees?