COTA Environmental Legacy Statement

The COTA Green Sages Environmental Legacy Statement represents the views of older Victorians about what they wish to leave future generations.

In 2011, Professor Kate Auty, Victorian Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, launched the COTA Vic Green Sages Environmental Legacy Statement at Collingwood Children’s Farm.

Senior Victorians are concerned about the environmental legacy that will be left for their grandchildren and future generations.  They want to be involved in creating a more environmentally sustainable future, and they want to see all generations working together on this challenge.

The Green Sages Environmental Legacy Statement calls on all political parties and governments to show constructive leadership and action to address these community concerns.

Launch of the Environmental Legacy Statement

Dr Kate Auty, Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability

Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Launches Legacy Statement

Media Release


Janet Wood, COTA President, with COTA Green Sage Elizabeth Smart, Genevieve Stewart from Australian Youth Climate Coalition, and Green Sage Project Officer, John Lawrence



Elizabeth Smart, spoke of her lifelong commitment to environmental issues and actions, and her continuing hopes as a COTA Green Sage.

 From a young person’s perspective       

COTA Green Sages aims to develop multigenerational understandings and partnerships in relation to environmental sustainability issues. Read a young person’s perspective on the Green Sages Environmental Legacy , a speech made by Genevieve Stewart National Grassroots Support & Co-ordination, Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) at the launch of the Statement.

2 Responses to COTA Environmental Legacy Statement

  1. Jennifer Evans says:

    I was really curious the read in COTA Connects re the survey conducted by National Seniors that “Abolishing the carbon tax emerged as the leading “vote changer”.” Are older people really still concerned that the carbon tax has a negative impact?! We taxpayers have been more than compensated by any monetary impacts on us while this is at least something that is forcing the big polluters to change their ways. The current carbon tax and moving to an emissions trading scheme as planned is what most of the big world economies are doing because they know that putting a price on carbon works! The ‘direct action’ policy as the Coalition is proposing is unaffordable, unproven and will be ineffective in forcing the massive changes that our economy needs to make if we are going to avoid the appalling consequences of rising temperatures.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for your reply! There are definitely COTA members who share your concern about climate change and the carbon tax. I’ll drop you an email with some information about our Green Sages group.

    Kind regards,
    Sarah at COTA

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