Victorian Perspectives and Action

We are working with the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) on age discrimination, with a particular focus on key aspects including insurance and older volunteers; older drivers, mature age workers; and education for older people on their rights.

Many older people have raised with us the discrimination that they face as drivers.  In 2012 the VEOHRC undertook research into older drivers experience and in October
released their report “Rights on the Road“.

COTA Victoria was on the older person’s reference group set up to guide VEOHRC’s consultation with older people about human rights issues affecting them.  Older Victorians
identified a wide range of ways in which their human rights are threatened.  Many felt they were invisible in their communities, subject to media stereotyping, and that policies and services did not take them into account.  Read the VEOHRC report ‘Rights in focus: report on the rights of older Victorians’

In Victoria, the Office of the Public Advocate is an independent statutory body established by the Victorian State Government. OPA works to protect and promote the interests,rights and dignity of people with a disability. Visit the OPA website for information on administration, guardianship and enduring powers of attorney, along with other programs and resources .

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