Fair Go For Pensioners

Fair Go for Pensioners is a group of organisations working to:

  • Increase pensions and concessions for low income older people.
  • Guarantee access to health and aged care services for all older people and
  • Improve public transport.

Our achievements to date have been substantial. In 2009 we gained significant increases to single age and disability pensions and the pension rate was raised from 25% to 27.2 % of average male earnings.

Fair Go for Pensioners continues to campaign for the Victorian Government to improve concession discounts in the face of escalating costs for utlities and transport.

If you would like to contribute to this campaign you can:

  • become an active member in one of the organisations that are members of the Fair Go for Pensioners Coalition
  • Encourage your community organisations to join Fair Go for Pensioners and/or support its claims
  • Advocate our goals within your local community and your Members of Parliament.

Our Statement of Claims to Our Elected Representatives lists Victorian members and sets out what Fair Go for Pensioners Coalition is working to achieve at both the State and Federal levels.

The 2013 co-convenors of the Victorian Steering Committee are:

Roger Wilson: Maritime Union of Australia (Veterans) & Chair of the Steering Committee

Lew Wheeler:

Theodosius Nomicos: Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria from the Association of the Greek Elderly Citizen Clubs of Victoria

If you would like more information about Fair Go for Pensioners Coalition and how you can become involved in its campaigns, please visit their website www.fairgoforpensioners.com or call 0477 236 880.

6 Responses to Fair Go For Pensioners

  1. Jennifer Casson says:

    I have managed very well on the pension for the two years I have been drawing it. However with food rocketting up in price and allowances being withdrawn, a Pensioners lot is not a happy one. Stop sending $ B’s overseas in aid and look after the people who have worked hard for Australia in the past. It seems as though the current Parliament have totally lost touch with reality ss fsr as we are concerned.

  2. Joan pollock says:

    Increasingly concerned about the reverse home morgage scheme the government seems to be skirting around the edges. The pensioners of today paid for the pensioners of yesteryear without a thought to it. So disillusioned with tony abbot and Jo hockey, they should be. Looking at ways to reduce the budget without this scare compaign . Maybe all on welfare including aged pension should pay the Medicare levy and ambulance subscription, and increase GST to 12%. That would be a start. Working hard all their/ our lives little superannuation the young workers now by the time they are retired will be cashed up. Maybe rules of super could not be accessed untitled retirement.

  3. Sarah says:

    Thank you for your comment, Jennifer.

  4. Sarah says:

    Thank you for your suggestions, Joan.

  5. Athina Andrian says:

    I am concerned about the impact of low interest rates on bank deposits that pensioners have to supplement their pensions. It appears to me that they are discriminated against as most, particularly of migrant backgrounds, are unable to manage their investments online which offer higher bank interest rates. They are forced to take a lower percentage rate as they deal with their bank investments over the counter. By doing this banks are increasing their profits at the expense of struggling pensioners. It would be reasonable to expect that pensioners are offered protection from this and are afforded the same interest rates as online users.

  6. bmorton says:


    Thanks for the feedback I will forward the information to our policy officer.