Working into your future or retirement?

Get the good oil on retirement

COTA runs a course that takes a journey through the ‘gloomy myths’ of retirement and also examines the ‘rose-coloured glasses’ view to discover the realities. It considers the options to enable better choices to be made in embracing the gifts of retirement and counteracting the ageism which permeates society.

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If you want to hear first hand about how some people see retirement…

Retirement is an outdated concept, developed when only 3% of the population lived long enough to ‘enjoy’ it. Longevity is now a question to contemplate. What is life after work to be? Where does work fit into our future and in what form? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves. Many people want to work for as long as they can, in full or part time options, in current or new careers. How can we as a society dispel the myths and stereotypes of ageing and enable people to continue to work if and as they want to.

If you have an interest in these issues, why not join in a Challenging Ageing course, sign up for Road to Retirement or become an Agent of Change?

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