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Get rid of that stress, feel good about yourself and stay healthy and connected. Find information on physical activity and social groups for older adults here.

 OM:NI Older Men New Ideas Discussion Groups

OMNI Representatives Meeting 1 April 2016(1)


Men’s Discussion Groups provide a safe place where men meet and listen to other men and share their knowledge and experiences.



Find out more at: OM:NI Discussion groups

Living Longer Living Stronger


Strength training (or resistance or weight training as it is sometimes called) involves use of weights to build muscle strength and endurance. Strength training has benefits no matter what your age, but it is particularly important for older people. As we age, we lose muscle mass and bone density, resulting in the much of the loss of function we associate with getting older. But you are never too old to gain muscle strength—and that’s not all you can gain. More Information at Living Longer Living StrongerT

Click the following to find your closest Living Longer Living StrongerT Provider.


LACVIf you’re in the second half of life, you’re approaching your peak. It’s a great time to meet new people, develop your hidden talents and stretch your body and mind.

Life Activities Clubs support people to manage their life transitions through educational, social, physical and recreational activities. With hundreds of activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Life’s better together – join a Life Activities Club and make the second half of your life more fun.



The U3A provides social and intellectual stimulation for retired people aged 50 years and over. Classes are designed to be enjoyable as well as educational.

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