Regular participation in physical activity provides physical, mental and social benefits that translate to improved health, mobility, independence and well-being, so enabling you to participate in the full spectrum of ‘active’ ageing. We now know that much of the loss of strength and function once thought to be a ‘normal’ part of ageing is actually the result of not being sufficiently physically active. The good news is that it’s never too late to start. COTA is committed to creating opportunities that encourage and enable people to be active as they age. Some of the key physical activity initiatives our Active Ageing Unit coordinates are:

Older people are encouraged to Be Active to keep them healthy, connected and happy.  COTA has a range of brochures and posters to encourage people to get off the couch, stop sitting and start moving.  If you have any doubts about exercising please check with your doctor.

Be Active Your Way

‘Be Active Your Way’ is a leaflet that explains the benefits of being active for older people.  COTA encourages older people to:

  1. Do an activity that you enjoy
  2. Do it with a friend
  3. Start slowly, set a goal and increase your activity over time
  4. Remember that any physical activity is better than none

Brochures are also available in other languages. Click on the tags below for copies.

Be Active Your Way (English) (Chinese) (Vietnamese) (Arabic) (Italian) (Greek).

Be Active Simple Exercises to try at home

Download Be Active Simple Exercises to try at home’ poster

This poster was designed to encourage older people who are not active to start exercising.  Place the poster ‘Be Active Simple Exercises’ on your fridge or wall where you can see the exercises every day and practice them while you are sitting or moving around the house.  Include them in your daily routine – while waiting for the kettle to boil, watching TV, or before breakfast.  Move it or lose it!!

If you would like a large copy of the poster (A3), leaflets or would like COTA to talk to any groups about exercise or ‘Being Active’ please contact us on 1300 13 50 90.

Being well informed and proactive about your physical and mental wellbeing also contributes to healthy ageing. This might mean learning more about important health issues such as depression or appropriate use of medicines, or participating in local groups or clubs. Other Active Ageing initiatives:

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