Back in the Game

Do you want to play games for 'fun' without the pressure of competition? Then why not get Back in the Game?

“Back in the Game” is specifically designed for older players.
Back in the Game is a modified games and sports activity for older people.  It can include ball games, badminton, tennis, hockey, skittles and many more.  It includes warm ups, stretching and skills teaching.  
The focus of the activities is FUN and FRIENDSHIP followed by FITNESS


COTA understands the key role physical activity plays in enabling older people to age well, and is committed to campaigning for policies and programs that encourage and enable people to be active as they age.

While we often see older people offered gentle, so called ‘age-appropriate’ activities, such as lawn bowls, swimming, golf, and walking, we would like to make a greater range of options available. Opportunities to participate in physical activity should not be limited by age and it is important to provide sport, fitness and recreational activities that cater for the diverse needs and interests of older people .

Back in the Game is designed to assist community facility operators to provide sport and recreational activities that will appeal to older people and enable them to:-

Stay active …  exercise safely and increase energy levels

Make Friends … meet new people and make new friends

‘Play’ the games … play games socially against others in the group

Have Fun! … participate in an activity, laugh with others and have a good time

COTA has developed and tested a model that can be adapted to suit the needs, interests and abilities of the participants. Back in the Game provides participants with a variety of games, so they do not have to excel at a particular activity in order to play.

It is suitable for older people who want to participate in a friendly non-competitive environment, where the emphasis is on participation and fun, rather than competition.

Sessions are based on familiar games that have been modified for safety and are played informally, with no commitment  to set teams, game schedules or competitions.

Typically, sessions are offered at regular times each week, that suit older people. The playing groups are encouraged to become self-reliant, with players coordinating their own activities once they are familiar with the games that are available at the venue. All equipment is provided, the cost to participate is low and time is set aside for socialising.

Come along and see how easy it is to get Back in the Game!

  • Flemington Community Centre – To register call 8325 1800
  • Creswick U3A – To register call 5345 2995   

For more information please contact us on 9655 2100 or email to

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